PAYMENT METHODS All prices include the corresponding VAT %. We provide you with different ways to make payments for your orders:

Payment with Debit or Credit card : Payment by card is safe on our website, redirecting the purchase directly to the bank for greater security, this payment confirms the order at the moment and we proceed to the preparation of the same (The cardholder is responsible for the transactions on the website). The site allows you to pay by debit or credit card through our secure payment gateway.

Bizum: Bizum is a secure payment method, backed by bank security systems and complies with banking regulations regarding payments and data protection. For all payments by Bizum, you have a 3% discount.

Transfer or bank deposit: With this form of payment you make the payment in advance, either by transferring the amount of the order from your bank or making the payment at the window in our bank. The order will be confirmed once the deposit is in our account.