Who are we?

Jilguerosymas is a small company that was born from the passion for animals, we are 100% pet lovers, and in our attempt to know everything about them, the initiative arose of a project that would offer our closest people the possibility of having access to a range of varied products of good quality and at excellent prices.

Somos is an online store dedicated to offering the best food, accessories and medicines for your pet for more than two years, with the privilege of working with a wide variety of leading products in the market so you can find what you need in one place.

The Staff of Jilguerosymas.
We have a dedicated team, professional and expert in animal matters.

They can advise you at any time the best option for your pet when buying. We like to give personalized attention to each of our clients and we always try to improve our services by listening to their advice and recommendations.

Our priority Jilguerosymas

Facilitate a satisfactory search for what they need our clients for their pets is definitely our priority.

As is guaranteeing the quality of a product or food, of course, always giving good advice if required.

The Objective of jilguerosymas

Provide an excellent quality of service and personalized attention.

At the same time, we do our best to innovate and experiment with new things, always thinking of the spoiled household.